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Deploy Your Website Using a Virtual Machine

Deploy Your Website Using a Virtual Machine thumbnail

This guide will walk you through setting up a website using a virtual machine. We will cover how to create a virtual machine, configure it and deploy live updates. I used Azure web services for this demo, which is admittedly not the friendliest service on the market. However, this guide can apply broadly to setting up VM's on...

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Git Workflow Model

Git Workflow Model thumbnail

Git has become the de facto version control system used by software engineers. It's an incredibly powerful tool for project collaboration, but is often feared and misunderstood. Just in the past month, I have worked on three projects with small teams and on each team there was confusion about using git, particularly in a team environment. I would...

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Javascript Class Instantiation Patterns

Javascript Class Instantiation Patterns thumbnail

While technically there are no classes in Javascript, as an object oriented language we need techniques to create objects that model our data and keep our code base DRY. Enter class instantiation patterns! Class instantiation in Javascript is primary done using the pseudoclassical style, which is a fine enough method, but can often lead to confusion as the...

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Create a Website in Minutes

Create a Website in Minutes thumbnail

The web has never been more developer friendly. Deploying a website which used to take days, expert knowledge and immeasurable amounts of patience can now be done by enthusiastic beginners in just a matter of minutes. If you are new to web development this short guide to launching a website is perfect for you. If you are a...

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