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Sports & Expected Value

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Does the best team win or are games just a drawn out expected value formula?...

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The 500 Startups Experience

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Recently my company (Govlist) completed the 500 Startups accelerator program in San Francisco. The objective of the program is to help companies rapidly accelerate their growth over a short period of time. Let's dive into some of the specifics of the program....

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Ruby Procs & Lambdas

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Procs and lambdas are commonly confused concepts in the Ruby language. They seemingly serve the same purpose, but have a few significant implementation differences that are crucial to understand. Similarities Procs and lambdas are both useful for inserting blocks of code into methods. Often times the use of either produces interchangeable results. Here are some basic examples where...

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Climbing the QuadTree

Climbing the QuadTree thumbnail

In this post we'll discuss what a Quadtree data structure is, why it is useful and how to implement and use the data structure. What's a Quadtree? A Quadtree is a data structure that is useful for efficiently retrieving data based on two levels of search criteria. A Quadtree can be thought of as a two-dimensional binary search....

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PromisifyAll! thumbnail

I found an awesome Javascript method the other day that I wanted to quickly share. It's called promisifyAll and it's part of the Bluebird library. I'll give a little more context on promises and why they are useful and then provide info and an example on how to get started using promisfyAll below. I have been writing quite...

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